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We design, build and promote great web3 products. We grow your userbase, engage your crypto community in Asia & Europe, and highlight user insights. So you can focus on the important things.

Philipp Seifert

Philipp Seifert


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Chris Seifert

Chris Seifert


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We have been growing blockchain products and communities for over 4 years. We set up ICOs, founded DApp companies and consulted blockchain businesses & Fintech companies on blockchain marketing strategy. We ran business development and marketing for the most-used blockchain wallet in China and designed & built Open Source Ethereum applications.

Growth Hacking

We grow and understand your userbase through automated data marketing

We grow your user base and automate your marketing! We adjust analytics and reporting tooling KPIs to increase conversion and optimize your onsite SEO & ASO to improve your visibility on Google and App Stores. And we develop a custom backlink, keyword strategy for your content writers. So you can focus on the important parts of your business.

imToken wallet subpage

We increased wallet downloads by 20% via split testing

Community Marketing

Enter the Asian crypto markets and engage your community

We grow your brand globally - specializing in connecting the Asian and Western blockchain communities. We get you started by translating your website and technical documentation. Then our crypto-experienced community managers bootstrap your local network in China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia - both online and offline. Additionally, we feature your product with local media, influencers, investors and get your token listed on Asian crypto exchanges.

Ethhongbao Wechat crypto red packets

We modified an Ethereum DApp to work with Wechat

Product Building

We design and code your blockchain product, so you reach mainstream adoption

We build your blockchain application, and turn it into a scalable business. We design and build web apps, Android and iOS apps, SEO-optimized websites, decentralized applications and manage blockchain DevOps. We focus on increasing user engagement & onchain activity, so we can analyze usage patterns and find the most valuable users. With this data, we improve product UX and develop custom monetization strategies - business models both with or without ERC20 token. We finally automate analytics reports and A/B tests - So you can focus on reaching mainstream adoption.

Crypto onboarding wallet

We fully designed a wallet for crypto onboarding

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What our customers are saying

"Understanding the numbers is crucial to building better products. The Ethereum ecosystem has a lot to learn from web2. This is where they excel."
Stone Sun
Stone Sun
CTO, Tokenlon DEX
"I trusted them with improving our smart contract wallet, because they understand the fundamentals of web3 and blockchain!"
Gustav Friis
Gustav Friis
Co-Founder, Linkdrop