product growth marketing for the web 3.0

We have been growing blockchain products for 4 years. Setting up ICOs, founding DApp companies, consulting blockchain businesses and Fintech companies.

Philipp Seifert

Philipp Seifert

Product, Marketing

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Chris Seifert

Chris Seifert

Design, Software

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We are a team of two, supporting blockchain businesses in China, Europe and Singapore:


We increase user engagement & onchain activity by automating your product marketing.

  • We improve your SEO visibility on Google & Baidu
  • A/B test your site to increase downloads autonomously
  • Run crypto-focused ad campaigns
  • Optimize your App Store presence
  • Track product opportunities through analytics
  • Get you set up for China, the largest crypto market
imToken wallet subpage

We increased wallet downloads by 20% via split testing


We turn user insights into product improvements, for you to reach mainstream adoption. Here is how:

  • We run qualitative user interviews & surveys
  • Iterate your product in UX design sprints
  • Prototype product designs
  • Tighten your product-market fit
Crypto onboarding wallet

We fully designed a wallet for crypto onboarding


We grow your brand globally — Working from China and Germany. Here is how:

  • We bootstrap your network in Asia and Europe
  • Connect you to local community influencers
  • Organize events for coders, investors and your users
  • Run Chinese social campaigns on Wechat, Weibo, Bihu,...
  • Run your hackathon in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore
Ethhongbao Wechat crypto red packets

We modified an Ethereum DApp to work with Wechat

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What our customers are saying

"Understanding the numbers is crucial to building better products. The Ethereum ecosystem has a lot to learn from web2. This is where they excel."
Stone Sun
Stone Sun
CTO, Tokenlon DEX
"I trusted them with improving our smart contract wallet, because they understand the fundamentals of web3 and blockchain!"
Gustav Friis
Gustav Friis
Co-Founder, Linkdrop